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Adele songs MV sweep list, flip phone why?

Trigiants Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2016

In this day and age, use clamshell mobile phones may have had a little taste of retro, but what is surprising is, Adele (Adele) is her latest single "Hello" MV with a flip phone to do props, but she recently launched the first new single in 3 years. However, the MV Director Xavier Dolan, 26 years old (Xavier Dolan) has explained this is because smartphones will remind us that we are in the real world.

Dolan told the Los Angeles Times said: "I've never liked taking pictures of modern cell phones or cars, which is deeply rooted in our real life, when you see them in the movie, you will feel yourself in the present moment. If you see in the film a iPhone or Toyota, apparently counterintuitive, will make you an instant back to reality from the story. It makes me feel in a commercial. ”

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