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Glucose Meter With Transmission Service Launched

Trigiants Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Tigiants joined hands with the first tier glucose meter supplier, and a US based telecom operator, launched a glucose meter (Model: SGM-03) with transmisson to server, making telecare possible for those suffering from high glucose disease.

After 2 years joined R&D, Trigiants announced the successful launch of the said glucose meter. It comes with a very compact body, with color display, rechargeable battery, and a standby time of 30 days. The accracy is above industry standard.

Whenever a glucose patient tests the blood, the care-giver or doctor, can know the result immediate due to the data transmisson function of SGM-03, regardless of where the patient is. This is a KEY project for Trigiants' and follows our "We care we share" philosiphy.

The SGM-03 is the FIRST model with such function world-wide. With FDA approval, it will first be sold in the United States, then Europe and other regions.

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